Requirements for the preparation of documents for printing


  • FTP: access information will be sentat your request
  • E-mail: more themes must be packed into a ZIP file, send larger data via online storage
  • USB Flash Disc


  • CMYK colour model
  • Do not use colour profiles (turn off ICC profiles)
  • BLACK COLOUR – If you want the result to be really deep black colour (e.g. text), be sure to set the 100% black / please re-colour the black areas and texts to verify the settings for our printing machines 50/50/0/100
  • COLOUR REQUIRED BY THE CLIENT - Pantone or CMYK composition must be specified
  • COLOUR SCHEME REQUIRED BY THE CLIENT - a colour proof copy or cromalin must be provided

Supported programs and file formats

  • PDF – closed format–we prefer this type; it is suitable to save PDF files in PDF 1.3 format (Acrobat 4.0) with compressions off (do not leave the common setting optimized for “screen” – this quality is unsuitable for print output and usually in RGB). Prepare the files as composite (with extracts disabled). The file must include all fonts used (embedded). If possible, avoid direct exportto PDF – although the majority of applications support saving directly to PDF, we recommend to create PDF by saving to PostScript and creating PDF with Adobe Distiller. (This method is more complicated, but it’s the safest in terms of print data faultlessness.)
  • PDF (printing multiple layers of white / varnish) – it is necessary to turn separations on. White colour / varnish must be set as spot colour with overprint
  • TIF – flattened
  • INDESIGN – We do not accept open data as a print file
  • BLEED - 5mm with standard themes
  • BLEED – up to several cm e.g. Rollups, themes with tunnels etc. - should be consulted prior to preparing graphics
  • Vector graphics: Adobe Illustrator, version CS6 - AI, EPS, texts always in curves, we do not
    accept CDR
  • Bitmap graphics: Adobe Photoshop up to version CS6 – TIF, JPG, EPS; these files can be
    supplied with compression, but always with maximum quality transfer(LZW, JPG MAX)

Shape cut graphics

If a cut-out extends into the theme, this theme must be increased by 5mm beyond clipping path. Clipping path must be a closed curve formed as a pen by hand, with the lowest number of pointspossible (i.e. not curve created by quick tool or by converting bitmap to vector). Deliver in PDF format, as follows:

  • First page - graphics without clipping path
  • Second page - separate clipping path
  • 3rd page - graphics with clipping path


Without diacritics and other marks; underscore, dash and space, respectively combination
ofuppercase and lowercase lettersare permitted; brief description up to 30 characters. Mark the
name, size, reduction ratio. File name example: PredniStena_8500x600mm_1ku2

  • Do not add unnecessarily high data resolution; see "Recommended data resolution"
  • Do export from CDR to PDF - transparenttransitions, after export check rasterizing in Photoshop at best
  • Colour register always without overprint
  • Data sent by e-mail must be compressed as ZIP file
  • Always senddifferent data dimensions as a solo file, i.e.: one file must not contain a multi-page PDF
    of different data dimensions, nor more prints (formats) in a single page file (mostly exported
    filesfrom CDR)
  • Distribution lists or other relevant information to the job order created in Excel must always form
    the printable area of the page/ pages, so that it can be easily printed without our intervention and
    thus possible loss of some important information.


(When less visible distance should be consulted prior to preparing graphics)

  • Up to 1m2 | 300DPI
  • 1- 4m2 | 150 DPI
  • 4-8m2 | 80 DPI
  • 8-20m2 | 30-50 DPI
  • 20-40m2 | 30 DPI
  • Over 40m2 - resolution is determined individually - we recommend consultation before preparing

If the documents are not prepared in accordance with the above requirements, we are forced to
return data to proper reprocessing that can move a pre-arranged contract completion date.
For the work of adjusting graphics in our design studio we charge a fee of 250 CZK/20 min beyond
job order data check.

Job order data check

Job order calculation is valid at data delivery; see the document "Requirements for the preparation of documents".

This calculation includes:

  • 1 x check with report for correction
  • 1 x correction check
  • Max. 20 min of graphic work

The calculation does not include:

  • Multiple checks of faulty documents
  • Additional proofreading of documents
  • Graphics creation or additional graphics creation
  • Background check of documents that are not delivered in supported dataformat despite notice with
    a timeoverlap of 20 min

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