Matrix Printing Factory - large format printing

Successful advertising is advertising that catches one's attention... Everybody knows that. With the abundance of advertising spaces, it becomes obvious that it is no longer just about an interesting idea, but also about the technology, installation, a quality rendering and, let's admit it...size.

Large format printing without limits

Our equipment allows us to print advertising from flyers to billboards and giant building wraps. We can place your advertising anywhere, such as floors, sidewalks, asphalt roads, full car and bus wraps, bike and boat stickers, windows and shopwindows, false soffits and interior walls, printed shutters, building wraps, large format banners hanging in the air between light posts and suspended from bridges, and naturally, any traditional large formats such as billboards, bigboards, banners, citylights and POS materials. All of the previous are only printed. We can also add a little bit of light, light animation with electroluminescence and optical 3D illusions created with Lenticular printing... soon you will find out that creativity has no limits...

Come up with an idea and we will print and place it anywhere :o)