Matrix hi-tech media

New technologies in advertising

Since its inception, our company has never been satisfied with average mainstream printing.... We were the first ones to print on giant building wraps; we witnessed a massive expansion of citylight showcases in the Czech Republic; we were the first one in Central Europe to install a tank wrap; the fist striking backlights that lit billboards were from us; our car wraps were soon copied by others and the first printed shopping cart was a product of our Matrix Factory... and therefore we are now able to offer you new advertising opportunities thanks to new technologies:

  • Asphalt Art - special high durable floor graphics – resistance was tested by tire slipping stress tests
  • Electroluminiscence - ELON Poster - one sheet of paper but offers an inexhaustible amount of very radiant animation options
  • Lenticular printing - amazing animation with 3D effects – when well done, it will catch one's attention thanks to its playfulness
  • Quarter Lite - interesting illuminated advertising using an environmental LED technology
  • Matrix Window Blind - unique advertising placed on car rear windows that is easily and quickly replaced and is fully transparent