Latex eco-friendly printing

Large format eco-friendly printing

Latex printing uses special latex inks that do not contain any volatile solvents or any other hazardous air pollutants. In addition, when hardened, they do not produce ozone as does printing with UV inks. This environmentally friendly printing technology does not harm the atmosphere or interior air. Latex printing complies with the strictest environmental regulations and is suitable even for catering establishments and the food industry.

Latex printing and its advantages

Latex printing does not smell, is waterproof and is very resistant to fading and scratching. The color stability warranty is an unbelievable three years for exteriors and five years for interiors, and if laminated, it increases to five and ten years respectively.

  • without any smell
  • photo-like quality
  • long exterior lifetime
  • a high print-out rate without the need of drying (vaporizing) organic solvents
  • ENVIRONMENTAL PRINTING – complies with the Nordic Swan standard and the GreenGuard Environmental Institute certificate

Latex printing use

  • print on rolled materials such as paper, stickers, textiles, banners, bunting, mesh fabric, backlits, interior wallpaper, canvas and others
  • printing of photorealistic textile decorations (for theaters, exhibitions, promotional stands, partition walls)
  • paper and textile decorations (wall stickers, wallpaper, curtains, blinds)
  • printing of photographs, pictures and posters
  • durable exterior printing

Environmentally responsible

The combination of latex technology and a suitable media – polyester, polyethylene and polypropylene films or textiles – represents a completely recyclable, environmentally friendly system. Go Green...