Bus, tram and mass transportation wraps

Car, bus and train wraps

Your advertising can also be placed on public transportation. Or would you prefer a shop window? We can do both! Self-adhesive film is used for vehicle wraps that can be laminated to increase durability. Car, bus, tram and other vehicle wraps can be both matted and glossy, with removable or permanent glue.


We use perforated self-adhesive film on tram, bus and train windows and shop windows so that people inside can see through it and those outside see your advertising.

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Bus wraps photo

Polepy autobusů
Polepy autobusů Letiště Ruzyně
Polepy autobusů City Park Jihlava
Polepy autobusů IKEA Praha
Polepy autobusů Letiště Praha Ruzyně
Polepy autobusů
Polepy autobusů
Polepy tramvají Mr. Brown
Polepy tramvají Solárium Praha
Polepy tramvají Big Shock
Polepy tramvají
Polepy tramvají