Lenticular 3D printing

We offer Lenticular 3D printing and production

  • 3D Lenticular sheet - traditional production using 3D Magic software and subsequent printing with application on Lenticular sheets with the following effects: 3D, flip-flip and 3D flip-flip
  • 3D Lencell sheet - printing on partially transparent sheets with 3D effects in three different types and thicknesses

Lenticular print

Lenticular optical advertising

is based on stereographic optical illusion, similar to the 3D optical illusion effect that uses 3D glasses. Lenticular technology uses a combination of 2 and more image layers combined with Lenticular material.

Lenticular material

is plastic transparent glass that is completely smooth on one side. The other side is used to print images or paste over. The external side of the glass contains a system of parallel lenses. These lenses route your visual angle to a designated portion of the image. Image layers are coded with special software and in combination with the system of lenses, the image comes together from the tangle of lines. But that is not all...

Animation on paper

If you change your angle of vision, the lenses cause more image refraction. This can be used to create changing images, morphing, action and thee-dimensionality. All this is possible without any glasses and accessories... Animation is created on one sheet of paper. The basic Lenticular elements are:

  • Flip - image exchange in one or more steps, it can be used for morphing, zoom motif and motion video
  • 3D depth - a printed image creates the sense of depth and space


Lenticular printing samples

Lentikulární tisk
Lentikulární 3D tisk
Lentikulární 3D technologie
Lencellová fólie
3D Lencellová fólie
Lencellový tisk